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Delivered daily to your inbox over 14 days, Wholesale Blogger's Blueprint is a game-changing strategy, designed to have you blogging for your wholesale business within two weeks.

Why Should I Blog For My Wholesale Business?

In a nutshell…

  • Blogging helps you develop your brand’s online “voice”
  • It further develops your presence on the web and your expertise as a leader in your industry
  • It educates and entertains your customers which in turn can help to drive sales

Blogging for your wholesale business makes sense...

A wholesale blog can provide resources for your retailers and, over time, will become a veritable treasure trove of industry expertise.




Wholesale blogging provides consumers with accurate information about your product range.


A wholesale blog can educate, entertain and support your product’s end user.


A wholesale blog can feature your stockists and help to drive new traffic to their stores.


Wholesale blogging helps to establish you as a leader in your industry.



Your Guide

Hey there! I’m Eva Van Strijp and I’m the creator of Wholesale Blogger’s Blueprint. I’ve created this course after 10 years as a business owner, 8 years as a wholesale distributor and 6 years of blogging for business.

In this course, I teach you everything you need to know to get your wholesale blog on. But not just so that you can blog for a few weeks. This course is designed so that you will not just start a blog, but have a solid strategy in place for continuing to blog successfully and consistently.

Like me, you might just find you fall in love with the blogger’s life.

What Blogging Did For My Business...

Since implementing a weekly blogging scheduled, I’ve noticed a huge increase in visits to our website, an increase in sharing of our posts, and enjoy a vast library of resources from which we can draw for educational and engagement purposes. When someone asks me what the one thing is that I recommend to increase brand awareness, I reply without hesitation: blogging

I’ve known and worked with Eva for over five years now and can honestly say that she is one of the smartest, organised and influential online business owners I’m lucky to know and call my friend. Eva is a master of connection – whether it’s supporting her retailers, other business owners in the Australian Nappy Association or a wider audience through her blog.

I can’t think of a person more perfect to guide you through the process of making your wholesale blog work for you! Wholesale Blogger’s Blueprint is a no-brainer investment for your business!

Laura Trotta

CEO, Laura Trotta Enterprises Pty Ltd and Founder and Former Owner of Sustainababy

Wholesale Blogger’s Blueprint is for you if…

  • Wholesaling products is your exclusive (or predominant) business activity
  • You want to discover the joy and purpose behind blogging for a wholesale business
  • You’re reading for a new, fun, highly valuable marketing strategy for your business

Wholesale Blogger’s Blueprint is NOT for you if…

  • Merely the thought of starting a blog gives you the shakes
  • You’ve recently started a new (regular) marketing activity that you’re still trying to get your head around
  • You don’t wholesale! (Ok, that’s not entirely true. There is a TONNE of great value in this course that you can put to good use for any product-based business, but you’ll benefit most from it if you wholesale)

I am so pleased to provide a testimonial for our dear supplier Eva, who has become more like a friend than a business contact. Eva is an experienced woman in business and a delight to communicate with. Her flexible, friendly approach and commitment to her role gives us confidence in our access to her brands, also allowing us to market them with similar dedication. Eva is experienced in her position and has a well-earned respect among retailers. I have no doubt that her guidance would be an asset to any new business building their foundations in wholesale distribution or indeed she would have valuable experience to share to small business owners in any context.

Pippa Buxton

Owner, Little Earth Nest

Through her contributions to the Australian Nappy Association, Eva inspires other business owners to think outside the box and strive for growth through meeting the needs of your consumer base. As a wholesale customer of Oz Baby Trends, particularly the Close Pop-In, Bumboo and Seedling brands I was always impressed with the customer service, product quality and after sales support. When buying from Eva and her team at Oz Baby Trends I unreservedly reassure you that you are embarking on a meaningful business relationship that supports small, family focussed business and will attend to the particular needs of your business with personalised care and attention.

Carly Earl

President, Sustainable Parenting Association

Eva helps with amazing practical tips and strategies to sell her products to our customers, but is also a source of inspiration and motivation to reach further. She provides us with clear, timely and consistent information regarding her products, so that we may keep our customers up to date. Eva always invites us to work in collaboration with her, to promote our business with her products. But beyond this, Eva inspires me to be true to my customers and to build my small business based upon my values and goals. I enjoy working with Eva through my business, as she understands and empathises with the demands that a mother has with young children at home, and striving for their dreams. Thank you Eva, for helping me achieve mine.

Tennille Graham

Owner, Apikali

What Will I Learn?

Over the course of 2 weeks, you’ll receive 14 daily emails. Each email has an action task.



You’ll learn how to create a consistent structure for your blog posts, whether they’re in video, audio, visual or written format.



You’ll learn how to develop blog content that is crucial to the growth of your business and of tangible benefit to your customers.


You’ll learn how to create a weekly blogging calendar and be guided through the process of crafting the first 10 week’s worth of posts.

Only $97

I’ve been blogging for my own wholesale business for over 7years and about business, parenting and simple living for 10 years and have had the privilege of writing for some fabulous publications and blogs, including:

At the end of this course you will have:

  • An understanding of the importance of blogging and how it can impact your business
  • A solid wholesale blogging strategy for your business
  • 10 week’s worth of relevant and engaging content for your blog
  • A blog calendar for the coming months

I have known and worked in various roles with Eva for over 3 years now and have always admired her amazing organisation skills, her in-depth knowledge of leading a sustainable life and most importantly, her commitment to walking the talk. Did you know that she maps out her entire year’s worth of blog posts even before the year starts? Yes, THAT organised! Working with her is a pleasure. She’s clear, she stands by her word, she leads with grace and good humour. She doesn’t pretend to be someone she isn’t.

Prerna Malik

Owner, Content Bistro

Eva Van Strijp is not only an experienced business owner (in both the retail and wholesale sides), but is committed to helping small business owners reach their potential without sacrificing themselves or their families in the process. Eva is regarded as setting the benchmark for a distributor in the natural parenting industry. Not only is she a passionate advocate for her suppliers and products, but she works in partnership with her retailers to provide all the tools they need to market her products. If only all our suppliers were as great as Eva!

Fiona Ward and Catherine Wyrostek

Owners, Darlings Downunder

I have had the pleasure of working with Eva and Oz Baby Trends for the past few years. As a new business owner starting out, the leadership and support shown by Eva has been able to give me the confidence to continue to make my way in the cloth nappy industry. As a busy mum of two young boys I’ve also been able to continue to make changes in my home life towards a more sustainable, and financially viable lifestyle with simple to use advice and handy tips I find through out the Oz Baby Trends blog posts and mini series.

Cassandra Liplyn

Owner, Mitch n Moo


Got Questions?

We’ve got answers! If you have a question about Wholesale Blogger’s Blueprint that I haven’t addressed below, please don’t hesitate to be in touch by emailing hello (at) evavanstrijp (dot) com (dot) au and I’ll get back to you asap.

How much does it cost?

Wholesale Blogger’s Blueprint is available to you for the crazy low investment of $97.

What if I fall behind?

Whether the course takes you 14 days or 14 months, you can go at your own pace as the content is yours without time limit. However, if you keep up with the flow of this course, you’ll have 10 WEEKS worth of awesome blog content by the time you’re finished! Two weeks of dedication will see you enjoying 10 weeks of blogging downtime once it’s over!

When do registrations close?

Never! This course is always open for enrolment – just click to purchase and it’s all yours. The first day’s email will arrive in your inbox within minutes.

How much time will it take me to go through the course content each day?

I recommend dedicating one hour a day for the next 14 days to create your blog strategy and content for the next 10 weeks! 14 days of dedication for 10 week’s of blogging ease – gotta love that!

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: When addressing financial matters in any of our websites, videos, newsletters, programs or other content, we’ve taken every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our programs and their ability to grow your business and improve your life. However, we do not guarantee that you will get any results or earn any money using any of our ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations, and nothing on our Sites is a promise or guarantee to you of future earnings.

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