What wellness is NOT about

Wellness isn’t always about doing more, using more, trying more things.

Sometimes it’s about doing less, using less or using nothing at all.

Maybe you don’t need another supplement to help with your niggly cough. Maybe you just need to stop cleaning with bleach.

Maybe you don’t need something to pick you up in the afternoon. Maybe you just need another 30 minutes sleep at night.

Maybe you don’t need a new skincare product with 20-30 ingredients to help with that skin issue. Maybe you need to remove something from your routine instead.

Maybe you don’t need to try a new pill for your headaches. Maybe you need to stop using artificial fragrance instead. Or eliminate something from your diet. Or get more sleep.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But before you try something new, maybe try stopping something that you’re currently doing for a few days or a few weeks and see how your body responds.

We’re so quick to try something new. We’re desperate for quick fixes, magic pills and cure-alls. And there are plenty of great ones around, and maybe that’s what we need.

But sometimes improved wellness requires that we simplify. Sometimes it requires that we add nothing new, but rather that we take away.

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