There are many, many things we can do to stay above the wellness line. Here are some examples.

I like to think about health and wellbeing as a line. If we slip below the line, we fall sick and if we stay at or above the line then we’re well.

There are many, many things we can do to stay above the wellness line.

Just some examples:
🌻Reduce stress
🌻Improve sleep
🌻Eat and drink well
🌻Take good supplements where required
🌻Get plenty of exercise and fresh air
🌻Limit alcohol and caffeine
🌻Get timely support and care for issues as they crop up

And of course, use essential oils.

Just like most of the above aren’t stand-alone “cure-alls”, essential oils won’t necessarily stop you from getting sick or heal you from a particular ailment, but they are a really important part of whole-body wellness.

We need to think of wellness in terms of mind, body and soul. It’s everything. It’s all of us. And we can’t maintain wellness in one area while letting the other areas fall down. And if essential oils can help to calm our mind or elevate our mood or improve our sleep then our overall wellness is going to improve.

And that’s a great thing because it’s within reach of all of us. Essential oils are not like some fitness program that you have to leave your home for. They are right there, on hand and you have the power to use them to improve your life. It’s incredibly empowering once you realise that there’s an oil for that and you have it on the shelf.

If you’re keen to start incorporating essential oils into your wellness routine, I can help you get started with the best quality oils from Young Living. Head here to grab an oils premium starter bundle and then flick me an email so I can send you a welcome kit.

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