Enjoying Bone Broth Over the Summer Months

The benefits of bone broth are pretty wild. Think of it like a joint supporting and gut healing nutrient bomb.

But the last thing anyone feels like is a bowl of hot soup on a 40 C day! So how do we enjoy these benefits year-round?

Drink it hot
If you can manage a cup of hot coffee in the morning, try switching to broth instead and get the goodness in before the sun comes up. Don’t want to give up caffeine? Try adding a teaspoon of broth to your morning hot drink.

Drink it cold
Add it to smoothies and cordials or drink it straight over ice.

Cook with it
While you might not be making soups and stews, chances are you’ll still be boiling veggies, making gravy or crafting salad dressings. You can use bone broth for all of these things.

Use it in dips
Guacamole, French onion dip, salsa and corn relish are all improved with a tablespoon of bone broth.

Like the sound of incorporating broth into your diet but not sure where to start? This is a great post with a tonne of info. Keen for even more? I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

If you’re a broth lover, I’d love to know how you incorporate it regularly into your family’s diet.

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