DIY homemade kombucha - easy, fun and great for you!

I’ve been making kombucha now for about 6 months so thought I’d share what’s working for us. Making kombucha is something I put off for years because I was intimidated by the concept. But it’s really very easy!

Scoby stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria. Yum! 😝

If you don’t have a scoby, you can buy one, grab one from a friend or grow your own using a baby scoby that you might find in the bottom of your current bottle of kombucha, but this is a 4-6 week process BEFORE the kombucha making starts, so if you’re in a hurry – hit up a friend!

Kombucha making is a pretty simple affair once you have a scoby and the recipe I’ve been using is:

Large glass decanter or jar that has been washed thoroughly prior to use
8 cups boiled water
1 cup sugar
6-8 tea bags of choice (in this video, I used elderberry tea bags)
2 cups kombucha (store bought or from your previous batch)
1 scoby (the lovely one I’m using was grown from a baby scoby over 6 weeks)

Add your boiled water and sugar to the decanter and stir to dissolve completely.
Add your tea bags and allow to steep while the water cools.

Once cooled, add the 2 cups of kombucha (this is to prevent unfriendly bacteria moving in in the first few days) and your scoby. Cover with tightly woven cloth or paper towel and allow to ferment for 7-10 days.

If you’re more of a visual learner and want to see exactly how easy it is, there’s also a 30 second reel on Instagram HERE.

Easy peasy!

Bottling is a truly simple affair as well, but I’ll post more on that once this batch has fermented.

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