The change of seasons is always messy for the garden... a bit like life really! #gardening #selfsufficiency

The change of seasons is always messy for the garden.

The last season’s abundance is dying off and it’s often not overly productive. As you pull the final stock of old harvests and let your veggie beds rest before re-planting, weeds can sneak in, gather quickly and swiftly overtake what was, mere weeks before, an abundance of nutritious goodness.

Gardening is something that can’t be done with distraction – with a glove on one hand and a phone in the other. We would risk pulling the wrong plant.

It is something that can’t be neglected for any length of time lest the good plants be completely overtaken and choked out by the weeds.

It is something that requires time, care and attention, not to mention fertilising, watering, pruning and harvesting.

It is something that can be done on our own, but is a lot more enjoyable and a lot easier when you do it with others.

We plant, we weed, we water. We keep out pests, harvest in due time, learn what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes what we harvest is a direct result of our hard work. And sometimes it doesn’t matter how much work we put it – the hail comes and smashes the crop and we’re left with nothing.

But we start again.

Such is life.

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