Yesterday, I noticed something a bit strange about my Facebook page.

I updated my timeline cover over at Oz Baby Trends and while I don’t normally use Facebook on my mobile, I happened to be checking some messages and noticed that the reach of timeline cover was 61. Pretty low by our average reach, but I didn’t think any more of it.

Then later on, when I was working from my computer I noticed that the reach was only 2. Seriously. Two people supposedly saw that post. One person liked it. I guess 50% interaction is pretty awesome by Facebook standards!

Here’s a screenshot – the left hand one is taken on my iPhone at 7:18 pm and the other on my Mac at the same time.

Facebook reach... is it for real?

Now, I really haven’t been one to worry too much about Facebook reach and stats. I figure that if something is truly awesome, people will see it. It will just be one of those domino effect things… one person’s like encourages another person’s like and so on.

I use Facebook to keep in touch with our most awesome people – the mums and dads who use our products, and the retailers who stock them. I try not to overthink my strategy on Facebook, using it as something of a cafe where I can have a friendly, casual conversation with those who pass us by.

But I’m personally relieved that I no longer have to hang my hat on what those little numbers down the bottom say.

Sure, it could be a glitch. Perhaps one is right and the other is wrong. I guess the thing is that if either number could be right, who’s to say that ANY number Facebook feeds us is actually correct?

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Here is another example of this reach thing gone awry. Note that this is again for a timeline cover image update, not for a regular post.

Facebook reach... is it for real?

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