Vintage cups and the reminder I needed...

I found some beautiful cups in an op shop recently and just had to bring them home. When I turned them over, I saw the name of the woman who painted these back in 1978.

I was a bit indignant at first. Fancy someone sorting through their mother’s or grandmother’s belongings and thinking that a beautifully hand-painted cup wasn’t worth keeping!

But perhaps she painted dozens of these and her kids could only keep a couple. Or perhaps the artist wasn’t a mother at all and her belongings ended up with a deceased estate agent.

Whatever the story behind these beautiful cups, it brought home the truth that everything we own will one day end up in landfill or in an op shop, and it won’t matter if it was something we bought for $2 at Kmart, or something we poured hours of time and attention and love into hand-crafting.

We don’t get to take any of it with us and it’s unlikely even our own children will want to or be able to keep everything we’ve so dearly treasured.

Every single item in our home requires cleaning, maintenance, organising, repair, replacement – no item just sits there requiring nothing from us.

These beautiful (and useful!) cups are a good reminder to be more mindful of what I bring into my home this year.

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