Here are 30 home management tasks that you can accomplish in under 5 minutes.

Life is busy, crazy, full.

But there are multiple 5 minutes available throughout our day and it’s by harnessing each of these that we allow ourselves time to relax at the end of a busy day. This isn’t about cramming something in to every spare second of the day, but of using periodic time slots to get tasks done that will allow for a more peaceful experience of the evening.

If we look carefully at how our day is structured, we can often find 5 minute periods that aren’t being used productively. Time before an appointment, waiting for a visitor, waiting for the computer to start, for a load of washing to finish, for a baby to wake… so much of our day is spent waiting for something else.

The key is to use those “waiting moments” well and enjoy the freedom it will bring when you can sit down and relax with an hour of free time and a good book… because – lo and behold – everything else is done!

Here are 30 home management tasks that you can accomplish in under 5 minutes.

  1. Set your 3 maximum impact tasks for the day
  2. Clean the bathroom vanity
  3. Write the shopping list
  4. Make a basic butter cake
  5. Sew a button back on
  6. Weed a small patch of garden
  7. Water plants in pots
  8. Change sheets on a bed
  9. Find 5 new recipes for next month’s meal plan
  10. Prepare vegetables for dinner
  11. Hang a load of washing
  12. Clean a toy to give to charity
  13. Schedule or confirm appointments
  14. Clean a window
  15. Go through old newspapers and magazines to recycle
  16. Tidy the entrances
  17. Do a full house pick up, with the kids, to your favourite song
  18. File paperwork
  19. Dust and tidy a shelf
  20. Create a declutter station with 3 boxes labeled ‘give away’, ‘throw away’, ‘put away’
  21. Change a lightbulb
  22. Start your online grocery shop (remember to save it!)
  23. Sort a drawer
  24. Wipe out a shelf of the fridge
  25. Leave for an appointment 5 minutes early and refuel the car
  26. Write a thank you note
  27. Empty bins
  28. Check in with your goals
  29. Mop the bathrooms
  30. Enjoy a cuppa!
What would you add to this list?

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