Today I want to share 5 ways that you can simplify your life right now and still enjoy the things that really matter.

Can you simplify your life without sacrificing the things that you love? Does simplify mean making do with less, forever squeezing and scrounging for every little luxury?

Simplifying your life doesn’t mean having to do with less. It doesn’t mean giving up on the comforts that nourish and replenish you.

If anything, it means choosing more of that and less of the stuff that drains you.

Today I want to share 5 ways that you can simplify your life right now and still enjoy the things that really matter.


1. Choose a Uniform

If, like me, you don’t like to spend time making decisions that should otherwise take seconds, you’ll love this.

Choose a uniform.

A uniform doesn’t have to be boring, drab or dull. It can be anything you want, but it’s the same basics.

So, you can have a “denim and tees” uniform for the week which means that everyday in the morning, you just slip into a pair of denims, pull on a tee and you’re done.

Saves time, sanity and space in your closet!


2. Evaluate Need v Want

The next time you head to the store and consider picking up those marked down clothes… think about this. Do you need them? Or do you want them?

Would you have enough storage for it? Or would it take up too much space in an already tiny wardrobe? Even a little bit of money is still money if you’re trying to save for something or are working towards becoming debt free.

Evaluating needs versus wants helps you to simplify decision making, cuts down on impulse purchases and ensures you don’t accumulate stuff you have no real use for.


3. Tune into Tech-Free Time

Make time in your day to disconnect from the online world. Put away your phone or tablet after a set time every day.

Going tech-free is great for peace of mind, clearing your head and most importantly, reminding you of what’s important in life – the people around you and the time you spend with them.

Do it now: Schedule tech-free time for your self right now. Will it be when you get back home? If you’re at home, will it be in the mornings and evenings? Schedule it.


4. Make Memories…One Day at a Time

Simplifying your life is about valuing what’s truly important to you. Focus on making memories. It can be as simple as baking with the kids or a family weekend holiday. Or even capturing everyday photos of the things you’re grateful for.

Making memories doesn’t need a lot of stuff and that is the essence of simplicity… Enjoying your life, minus the stuff that bogs it down.

Make memories of snuggling with your kids at bedtime, since you’ve already put away the laptop and the phone.

Make memories of a happier, calmer morning schedule, since you haven’t stressed over what to wear.

Make memories. One day at a time.


5. Declutter Your Thoughts

Finally and most importantly, stay positive and declutter your thoughts of negativity, criticism and anything that pulls your spirit down.

This may take time, but it is the single most important way to simplify your life and reduce the stress and overwhelm. Decluttering your mind leaves you feeling lighter, happier and more fulfilled.

Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, love and lighten up your world.

Do it right now: Every time you catch yourself being overly critical or negative, press pause. Replace it with something positive and keep that in mind as you move through the day.


That’s it.

5 simple things you can do right now to simplify, breathe calm into your life and overcome the overwhelm.

Which one will you choose today?

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