It’s Day 4 of the 5 day challenge to simplify your life.

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5 days, 5 ways to simplify your home - day 4

Day 4

Implement and maintain a quiet time routine.


Quiet time is an incredibly important facet of maintaining peace in the home.

I find it to be particularly effective when it’s done in the afternoon (usually between 2 and 3), ahead of “crazy hour”. During this time, all kids are either sleeping (the little ones) or spending time playing quiet games or reading.

For a while there, after my eldest grew out of her day sleep, I didn’t implement quiet time and it made life really tough. There was no down-time for me or her and the evening routine was just an uphill battle.

Now, I’m committed to our quiet time and the kids enjoy it too. They know that after quiet time, they can go outside and play or have a swim or ride their bikes or bake or make noise, whatever. But it pays to have them (and you!) in a resting state for an hour to help everyone regain composure and peace, and to simplify the evening hour.

As part of Simple Life, Peaceful Home, I’ve put together a quiet time chart that I’m sharing with you today. You can download that HERE.

I use this mainly for the little ones now, as the big kids are pretty good at quiet time. I use this chart for a month – each day that they have great quiet time (appropriate resting behaviour for an hour), they get a tick and if they get all their ticks in a week, we do something special, like walk to the park, take a family bike ride or have a friend over for a play.

I hope you find it helpful when implementing your quiet time routine.

Until tomorrow, happy resting!

Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.


If you’re ready to make change for your home and life, and have not just me but a full community of fellow Mums to support you, I hope you’ll join us for Simple Life, Peaceful Home and make 2015 the year when you finally change the way you feel from overwhelmed and exhausted to peaceful and productive.

Start thriving!

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