It’s Day 2 of the 5 day challenge to simplify your life.

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5 days, 5 ways to simplify your home - day 2

Day 2

Eliminate junk mail from you life.


Let me tell you a little story…

I really dislike junk mail, not least of all for the incredible waste it creates, but I didn’t hate it enough to make a stand, until:

One week, when the Woolworths catalogue arrived, my 4 year old was flicking through it and noticed the Barbie-themed yoghurt. She asked if we could buy some.


I responded, “But it’s yoghurt.”

She said, “Yeah, I know. Can we get some?”

I replied, “But you don’t like yoghurt.”

“Yeah, I know. But can we get some?”


I took the time to explain to her that the picture on the outside of the carton wouldn’t change the taste of what was on the inside and that no, we wouldn’t buy it because I knew she wouldn’t eat it.

The folks who deliver our catalogues don’t seem to take any notice of No Junk Mail signs, so now I just throw every junk mail catalogue in the recycling bin before I come inside.

I like to consider myself fairly unimpressionable when it comes to advertising, but my reduction in spending since my junk mail stance indicates that I was actually far more swayed by it than I care to admit.


How about you? Do you enjoy browsing through the catalogues? Do you find yourself swayed to purchase more when you peruse them? Will you consider breaking up with them to help you simplify your purchasing habits?

Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.


Picture this:

You love everything your home has in it. Your living room looks lived in but not insanely messy.

You can invite friends over with confidence and your kids don’t miss important school events because you forgot the date.

Blissful right?

Well, let’s turn this picture into reality for you.

Make a change - it's time to thrive.

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