3 ways essential oils can simplify your parenting journey

If you’ve been around these parts for long you’ll have noticed I have a thing for simplifying.

Simplifying life, business, parenting, home and garden… even headspace.

Well today I want to share with you one of my favourite ways to simplify the parenting journey and that’s with essential oils.

I’ve been “oiling” for well over 10 years now and use essential oils every single day in a variety of ways around the home, but today I want to talk to you about just 3 ways that directly relate to parenting.

3 ways oils can simplify your parenthood (aka change your life)

Setting the mood

Diffusing is perhaps my favourite way to use essential oils and if you walk into my home at any time of day or night, you’ll find at least one of our half dozen diffusers pumping out some gorgeousness.

Whether it’s lavender in the toddler’s room to help her sleep, or tea tree oil in the living room to help clear the sniffles that someone brought home, or peppermint and lemon to get us all going in the morning, or frankincense in the schoolroom to help with focus… so many amazing combinations that can be used to support wellness in so many areas of family life.

And the best part of diffusing? It’s helps us busy parents to slow down and get intentional about the mood we want to set in our home.


Essential oils can be used to help improve the appearance of skin but make sure you only use the tiniest amount as essential oils are super strong and you don’t need much. It’s best to dilute essential oil with a carrier oil when applying topically.

The great thing about using oils for this purpose, rather than a commercially available alternative, is that you know what’s in it and therefore what’s going onto your body. Remember that not all oils are created equal and it’s incredibly important to choose a high quality, pure oil.

Lavender and frankincense are two oils that are highly regarded for soothing skin and supporting healing (for more info, checkout PubMed research articles 30292828 and 31195752 and PubMedCentral article 5435909).

Smell be gone!

A few drops of essential oil in your nappy bucket can really help with dissipating the smell of dirty nappies. Either put a few drops directly into the bucket, or pop it on an old nursing pad and attach that to the lid. Any oil that you like the smell of will work for this purpose, but my favourite combination is lavender and lemon.

Vomit lingers, right? Well, not for long with the use of something delightful like eucalyptus or orange oil. Just place a few drops on a damp rag and wipe over the affected hard area (not recommended for use on soft furnishings) or you can create a room spray using essential oil and distilled water.


Lemon essential oil is the BOMB when it comes to getting sticky stuff off places where it shouldn’t be… like glue off the dining table, sticky tape residue off the bench and glitter glue (could there be anything worse?) off the front of the fridge.

Keen to simplify parenting with essential oils?

I’m often asked if it’s really necessary to have ALL the essential oils. There are literally hundreds of them, so it can be a bit confusing as to which ones are essential (pardon the pun) and which ones are just nice to have. All families are different and so your use of oils and the oils your family requires will differ from the way other families use oils, and an oil that is essential to us might just be a nice-to-have for you.

So which ones should your family start with?

One of the (many) reasons I love Young Living is that they take the guesswork out of that first investment.

They’ve put together a starter kit that has the most commonly used oils and it is hands-down the best way to get started with using oils to simplify your life.

CLICK HERE to start your self-sufficiency journey with Young Living and then send me an email to let me know you’ve made this awesome choice so I can put together my special welcome pack for you. I am so excited to walk with you on this journey towards greater self-sufficiency in parenting and would love you to join me over on my Instagram page where I share regularly about self-sufficiency, peaceful parenting, intentional business and of course… essential oils.

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