3 Great Resources for Improving Your Photography

Photography is a side passion of mine. The funds from my first job as a checkout operator at Big W were channeled towards my investment in a beautiful big “real” camera. I’ve always loved capturing moments and I love the challenges that have come with the advent of iPhone photography.

I’m never satisfied with just clicking away until I get a half decent shot. I want to get the right shot the first time and so, over the past few years, I’ve invested some time and money into improving my photography skills.

If you happen to love photography and want to take some action to improve your skills in this area, these three resources will get you off to a solid start.


1. Click Love Grow

Louise from Click Love Grow specialises in helping parents and business owners master the art of using their digital SLR camera. Apart from her photography eCourses, Louise has a wealth of free resources and inspiration on her website. I recommend starting with her blog.


2. iPhone Photography School

This website is a unique place to learn everything you need to improve your iPhone photography. From taking images to editing them, the iPhone Photography School offers paid courses and numerous free resources to help you improve every aspect of photographing with your phone.


3. Craftsy

Craftsy offers a wide variety of photography classes to suite any hobby or business niche. All classes have been developed by professional photographers and are offered as a series of video lessons with downloadable materials.


With these are other fantastic resources available at our fingertips, there’s really no reason why we can’t turn our interests into hobbies and start to improve our skills in certain areas.

Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.

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