10 Ways to Spread Love in the Home (without spending a cent)

Small things. Little acts of service. They’re important, right? It can be easy to overlook these small acts of service for those we live with.

Life is busy, the people we live with sometimes rub us the wrong way, we’ve got enough on our plate… doing something extra for someone else might be the last straw for many a busy mother. But the reality is, these little acts of service can make or break a person’s day. They can mean the difference between a teen pulling their weight (or not), a spouse feeling appreciated (or not), a child learning to pass these little acts of kindness on to another sibling (or not).

I know motherhood is really just one enormous act of service, but there are still things we can do for others that don’t fall within the daily scope (like making the bed for a child who knows how to make their own, but might be having a hard morning).

Even if – actually, *particularly when* – your day is overflowing with the fulfilment of tasks, the ticking off of to-do lists, the hustle and bustle of parenthood… make the effort to try and do just one of these for someone in the home.

You’ll be surprised by the ripple effect.

10 Ways to Spread Love in the Home (that don’t cost money)

  1. Make another person’s bed.
  2. Pick some flowers from the garden and put them on another’s desk.
  3. Offer a foot massage to one of your family members.
  4. Bring their washing in while you’re doing your own.
  5. Make someone’s favourite meal (even if it’s not their birthday).
  6. Write a note sharing your favourite thing about them and leave it in their lunchbox or under their pillow.
  7. Make them a cuppa.
  8. Offer to do one of their chores.
  9. For younger family members, read them a story (or 3!).
  10. Polish their shoes or iron some of their shirts.

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