On keeping chooks and simplifying self-sufficiency

I saw a post yesterday about the egg shortage and someone plugging their $3,500 chicken coop as a solution to the problem.

Businesses gotta do what businesses gotta do, but let’s be real: someone who has $3,500 laying around to throw at a home for poultry would probably just buy the $18 eggs that are still available in the shops…

In 12.5 years of owning chooks, there’s no way we’ve spent anywhere near that on infrastructure for them. Most of the pens we’ve made have been from second hand materials, marketplace finds and kerbside pick-ups. Chooks are some of the easiest and most rewarding animals to keep and if you have a safe space for them to go at night, a place for them to wander during the day and plenty of weeds and scraps, they’ll gift you with beautiful eggs.

Of course, there are down times in egg production. We’re in that time at the moment, but as the days get longer and warmer towards August, we’ll see production ramp up again and by October, we’ll struggle to keep up with the flow. So then we can gift to friends and family or store them for future use. I’ve just cracked open a jar of eggs that I stored in November of 2022 and they’re still perfect.

There are ways to be less reliant on the supermarket without it costing you a month or more of wages

PS. Head HERE for some low-tox, simply animal care hacks.

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