Top 10 Free (and FUN!) Winter Activities for Kids

When the chilly weather sets in, it can be tempting to turn the TV on and snuggle up under blankets watching movies. But we’ve found this doesn’t tend to burn a lot of kid-energy!

Here are my top ten free winter activities to keep little bodies and minds active and warm.


1. Pillow fight

Put adult t-shirts on the kids, stuff a few pillows up them and enjoy a pillow fight.


2. Treasure hunt

This can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Just hide a few goodies and then write on post-it notes to give your kids some clues. This activity not only keeps little bodies moving, but it keeps little minds busy as well.


3. Build a cubby house

This is such a simple idea that the kids will just love. With a few chairs, pillows, blankets and sheets, anything is possible! After creating your own cosy little haven in the bedroom, lounge room, or backyard, why not have a picnic in it? There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up with a hot chocolate and a few books on a cold winter’s day.


4. Sort your photo albums

Admittedly, this might be a cheeky way to get your hundreds of photos sorted while at the same time entertaining the kids. While you’re all sitting down together, having a laugh over baby photos, make some popcorn and a warm milo, relax and enjoy the memories while sorting!

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5. Play musical chairs

Musical chairs is an old favourite at children’s parties, but it’s also a fantastic game any other time. Simply gather a few chairs, turn on your favourite music and start dancing. It’ll warm the kids up and get you all laughing.


6. Puzzle it

Who doesn’t love a puzzle? If your kids aren’t so keen on the traditional jigsaw puzzle, there are plenty of other options: let them try word puzzles, mechanical puzzles and mathematical ones too. Sudoku can be fun and addictive for older kids.


7. Art and craft

If your little ones are more the arty type, then why not let them try their hand at some great craft a activities? Check out theActivity Village for thousands of ideas, free printables, eduational games and crafts for every holiday or season.


8. Visit the library

Your local library is a veritable treasure chest of information and ideas. You can easily spend a few hours sifting through books, and enjoying story time. Most libraries offer a kids club for children aged 0-13, and most also offer school holiday activities. Visit your local library and see what’s on offer:


9. Rug up and visit the park

The winter months produce a lovely and unusual variety of flora and fauna, so make the most of it and rug up and go for a walk through a local park or botanic gardens.


10. Nature watch

Let your kids become bird watchers. The winter months bring out beautiful and unusual bird species, so why not get together with some of your kids’ friends and do a bird watch.

What are YOUR favourite free kids activities for winter? Share with me in the comments.


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