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You might have seen the information page for my Simple Life, Peaceful Home eCourse but want a further breakdown of exactly what’s covered in the modules. This is for you!


Week 1

We spend the first week really getting very clear about where you’re at and working out where you want to be. We pick the real pain points in your day because they are the ones we’re going to work hardest to improve. We’ll spend some time in the closed support group setting intentions and creating accountability so that we have a point of reference to come back to and motivate us to move forward.

Simple Life, Peaceful Home - now enrolling!

Weeks 2-3

The following two weeks are spent getting your home exactly how you want it. This might seem like a strange place to start, but in my experience, if your home is full of stuff that you don’t need or want, you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning up, around, underneath or over things that shouldn’t even be in your life! We only gave this one week in the first round, but based on feedback from participants, we’ve extended it to two weeks, as it is a very important starting point for creating and maintaining a simple life and peaceful home and there are a lot of different facets to go through.


Week 4

After that, you’ll spend a week going through your commitments and projects and endeavour to get your life looking like your home – containing only what you really want! Plus, we’ll do a digital declutter.

Simple Life, Peaceful Home - now enrolling!

Weeks 5-6

Over the following two weeks, we get serious about schedules and organising and routines – but not so that you feel like a robot! So that you have some kind of guiding structure around which to base your days. It’s a really freeing process and something that I visit and tweak regularly. No schedule is ever set in stone and the idea is to give you the strategies you need to adapt as your babies’ and family needs change and grow.


That’s the reasonably full-on part and will take us to the end of week 6.

Simple Life, Peaceful Home - now enrolling!

Weeks 7-8

The final two weeks are spent helping you to create some time for yourself again and to implement changes for smooth sailing ahead. Of course, it won’t always be smooth, but we can at least try! We work on reclaiming some old hobbies (or finding new ones) and we look at how you can work with your family to really and truly thrive.


The private Facebook support group has all current members of the course and will have all new members that join for the spring round – the mamas in there will be a wealth of inspiration for your parenting journey.

Make a change - it's time to thrive.

We’d love to have you join us! If you have any more questions, please just pop them in the comments or email me (hello at and I’ll get back to you asap.

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