There’s so much information to sift through these days, it’s a wonder we don’t throw our hands up and walk away.

Free downloads, videos, blog posts, eBooks, eCourses, webinars, subscriptions, podcasts, oh my!

There’s so much information to sift through these days, it’s a wonder we don’t throw our hands up and walk away.

But we don’t. We keep reading. Keep searching. Keep signing up for stuff in the hope it will answer our question, fill our void, or organise our life.

We don’t often consider inbox junk to be too noxious because we don’t knock down trees to print it all. But it’s still junk. If it’s taking up space in your inbox, it’s taking up time in your life. If you don’t read it, you have to delete it. Maybe you open it first, and then delete it. Perhaps you just leave it there and do nothing. But it still invades your space, and if you don’t enjoy it and open it and read it, then it has no place in your inbox.

Some time ago I signed up for a deal that gave me $2,000 worth of eBooks and subscriptions and downloads for just $29.95. They promised me a whole new healthy life and I probably could have created this whole new healthy life with the help of this bundle, but I never actually open any of the resources. Why?


It was information overload.


I thought I wanted all of that information. I thought it would help. I thought I would actually sift through it, but I didn’t.

In the scheme of things it was relatively cheap. So although I received numerous email reminders to sign in, download and start reading, I never did. Because I hadn’t spent much on the bundle, it didn’t bother me to just let it slide.

I’ve noticed a distinct pattern with all of the professional and personal development tools I’ve acquired over the years.

The products that I’ve paid little or nothing for have never been used. The products that I paid a premium price for have been well used – sometimes multiple times.

For example, I’m about to do my third round of B-School and am going through a second round of the eCourse Launch Formula – both premium courses. I have lifetime access to both of these programs and both of them will help me to improve the programs and resources that I create for you here, so I’m doing them again.

When you sign up for lifetime access to something like B-School, it makes the initial investment worth so much more. You know that you can come back to it, in your own time and at your own pace. But you still want to drain every bit of value out of it, so you give it a shot the first time and you take what you can from it, knowing that you can come back later when you’re ready to bite off a bit more.

You never just kick this kind of thing to the curb. You value it and you implement the strategies.

This is what I’ve created for you with Simple Life, Peaceful Home – premium course content that you can have access to all the time, including during each new live round. A simple life and peaceful home isn’t something that you can create overnight, or even over a few weeks. It’s an ongoing process and while you may be able to implement all of the strategies in the first 8 weeks, there’s no pressure to.

You can work on a few specific strategies during the live round and then continue on after the course finishes, knowing that you continue to have access to the content and the support forum throughout the rest of the year.

The important thing is to take action each day – however small or large that action might be – to continue forming habits and creating the home and life you dream of.


So what are you waiting for? Click Here to sign up for Simple Life, Peaceful Home and save a sweet $100 before the Early Bird runs out.


Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.


P.S. Of course, there’s no point signing up for anything that you’re not going to take action with. I don’t want Simple Life, Peaceful Home to be another thing that sits in your inbox, takes up headspace and makes you feel guilty.

I only want you to join the course if you really truly want to create change that suits your lifestyle and your family. I only want you to sign up if you know that you will commit to making a simple life and peaceful home a priority – even if it’s only with one small action a day. You’re ready? Click Here.

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