Top 10 Mum-Approved Free Summer Activities for Kids

Hot days, tired mums and bored kids. Perfect recipe for watching too much television, right? It doesn’t have to be! We’ve got you covered with the 10 best free summer activities for kids that are just as much fun for you too! So, switch off the telly and put on some nice, upbeat music and let’s get this summer party started.

Here’s my handpicked list of the 10 best free and more importantly, fun activities for kids this summer season!


1. Make a Movie

Instead of watching movies {which, by the way, is also fun!}, how about you make a summer movie with the kids. Get each child to share something fun: a song, an activity, a book reading, or just them playing together. Make it a family tradition and when they’re all grown up, you can watch the movies together and relive their childhood!


2. Beach-Time Fun

Summertime means heading to the beach! Make sure you’ve stocked up on enough snacks for everyone. A few sand toys, a book for you, and you’re all set! If you don’t live near the beach, make your own! A paddling pool, some towels on the grass and a beach umbrella will do the trick.


3. Introduce the Kids to a Sport

The summer days are a great time to be outdoors and since you are out, how about teaching the kids a new sport or just getting them to watch one in action. Even something as simple as cricket or swimming can be a start. Not only will you spend time having fun, you’ll get everyone to stay fit too! Win-win!


4. Go Berry or Fruit Picking

If you live close to a farm that allows you to pick your own fruit or produce, make a day out of it. Bonus activity: Bring back all that fruit and spend an afternoon making sweet, sticky jams with the kids!!


5. Savour a Summer of Self-Sufficiency

Do your kids know how to sew? Knit? Garden? Choose one self-sufficiencyskill for this summer and help the kids learn it while you hone yours too.

If you’re keen to dig into the garden but don’t know where to start, grab my free Quick Start Guide to Growing Food (With Kids!).


6. Stargaze or Camp Out at Night

The summer sky is a breathtaking beauty filled with delightful twinkling gems, constellations and more. Have dinner out, followed by star gazing, lying on blankets. You could point out constellations to the kids and who knows, spot a shooting star too!

Hint: If it’s too hot to camp outside or the mosquitoes are too much to handle, camp on the lounge room floor instead!


7. Join or Start A Summer Reading Program

Books are good for any season and pretty much every reason. This summer, you can join a summer reading program at the local library or if there isn’t one, start one of your own with a few other mums. Pick a book for the kids to read every week and then meet at a mum’s place to discuss it, do activities related to it, and just have fun!


8. Make Art, Craft or Just a Fun, Colourful Mess

Stuck indoors? Break out the paint, glue and glitter. Let the kids make art, paint empty tin cans or cardboard boxes or create cards for upcoming birthdays and of course, Christmas.


9. Set Up Play Dates

Summer is perfect for setting up play dates with the kids’ friends. Invite the mums over too so that you can get to chat and have coffee with your friends while the kids play with theirs.


10. Sit Back, Relax, Chat and Eat Ice-cream

Finally, while it may seem tempting to pack every day with something or the other, remember to pause a while, sit back, relax, cuddle the kids on the couch and eat ice-cream. Summer is sweeter when spent together, so it’s okay if you aren’t doing something planned every single day.


What are YOUR favourite free activity ideas for kids to spend the summer days? Share with me in the comments.


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