Stuck? Overwhelmed? Spinning Your Wheels? 3 Ways to Gain Control In Your Life

Do you feel like you’re stuck in some weird form of domestic chaos quicksand and the harder you try to get out, the more you slip back into it?

Does it seem as if your to-do list is longer than Santa’s?

You aren’t alone!

Feeling overwhelmed and out of control is natural in today’s busy, packed-to-the-minute, technology-driven life.

Luckily, there are some simple yet powerfully effective strategies that can help you to cut through the chaos and cultivate control and peace instead.


3 Ways to Gain Control in Your Life Easily… with the 3 S’s


1. Self Care is SO Important

Start by giving yourself some love and attention. The best part is that self care doesn’t take a tonne of time and you can very easily weave it into your day.

Simple self care rituals, like staying hydrated and snacking smartly, will help you centre yourself, keep your blood sugar levels stable and ensure that you have the energy you need to deal with everything your day brings.

Because if Mama ain’t happy, no one is happy!

For lots of simple ideas to help you cultivate a habit of self care, grab my Cheat Sheet.


2. Systems Help Streamline

Set up simple systems to help streamline the chaos and confusion. Systems ensure that your home and life run smoothly, regardless of everything else.

An example of a system can be menu planning every Friday for the next week. Making your grocery list after you menu plan and shopping for groceries on Saturday.

Another system can be planning your week’s cleaning schedule and have a day each for every room of the house.

Systems are simple to create and once you start implementing them, you’ll find that they make life so much easier.

Need help setting up systems? We cover this in depth in Simple Life, Peaceful Home!


3. Setting Boundaries for Your Sanity

Finally, remember to set boundaries. How do you do that?

Evaluate what’s absolutely non-negotiable for your family. Consider what are some of the activities and chores that can be done away with? Use them to plan your calendar and schedule.

For instance, in the holidays it can be overwhelming to accept every single invitation or holiday activity that comes up. Start to set boundaries by only accepting invitations that are on days when you don’t have a tonne of things already lined up.

You can also set boundaries for activities that are absolutely vital for you – like your self care – and make it non-negotiable. Knowing what your own and your family’s boundaries are will help ensure that your schedules don’t get all silly with a bajillion things to do.


Ready to take it a step further and enjoy a more peace-filled and calmer life? Join my FREE 14-Day eCourse, Simplicity Kickstart and get ready to conquer the chaos, once and for all.


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