Top 10 Free Kids Activities for Spring: Frugal Ways for Enjoying the Season with Our Children

Thinking up fun ideas for kids activities for spring? Wondering if it’s all going to eat into your budget? Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. As mums ourselves, we know that not only is it important to keep the kids engaged constructively but also essential that we keep fun within the constraints of our family budget.

To make life easier this spring, here is a roundup of the 10 best free and fun activities for kids of all ages.


1. Sidewalk Chalk Play

Take out the stash of chalk and get the kids to play hopscotch or just draw pictures on the sidewalk. Bring out tall, chilled glasses of lemonade and some homemade biscuits and you can have the best spring afternoon or evening ever.


2. Wonderful Water Play in the Yard or Garden

Finish off the sidewalk chalk play with some splashing around with water balloons or just a hose. Add to the fun by giving them some bubble guns too and you’ll have tons of fun outdoors without spending a cent.


3. Never Say “No” to Nature Walks and Bike Rides

Spring is when everything is at its prettiest. The flowers, the trees, Nature trails, gardens and parks, all just glow with the freshness of the season. Savour it all by talking the kids and going for Nature walks every day, even around the neighbourhood will be good. Switch things up and add bicycle rides as well to the mix. Perfect way to get fit as well!


4. Full-On Fun with Flower Crafts

See all those beautiful blooms out there? Show the kids how to press flowers and create beautiful gift wrapping paper, greeting cards or notepaper with them. Free, fun and fabulous way to teach them about sustainability as well.


5. Put Your Feet Up with Family Movie Nights

All the playing, hiking, walking and bicycling may tire your little ones out so bring out your favourite spring-themed movies, pop some popcorn and snuggle together on the couch watching them and sharing stories.

6. Tour Your City for Spring Sightseeing

Who says you can’t be a tourist in your own hometown?? This year, take the kids sightseeing and see your city through the eyes of a tourist. Visit popular places, let the kids take photos; and if you want to splurge, grab a souvenir too!

7. Be a Bookworm

Enjoy the beautiful weather outside by getting the kids to lie down on blankets and read a book of their choice every day. They’ll get fresh air, build their vocabulary and nurture their imaginations while you can catch up on reading of your own too.

8. Go Green Gardening

There is no weather better for gardening than spring. Whether you have a full lawn and beds or just a few potted plants in a window sill, take this opportunity to introduce your children to the joys of getting dirt under their fingernails. Give them individual pots or sections of the flower beds and let them choose the plants they’d like to grow.

9. Visit a Farm or a Petting Zoo

Depending on where you live, you can take the kids to see animals either at the zoo or at a farm. Make a day out of it. Switch off your mobile, answer their endless questions and have fun yourself. Make it more interesting by reading up on different species when you get back.

10. Picnics for Perfect Spring Fun

Finally, the best way to spend the beautiful days of spring with the kids is to have a picnic. No money involved here. Just a nice big blanket to sit on, some music to listen to, a couple of cricket bats and balls, and a big stash of sandwiches.


What are YOUR favourite free kids activities for the spring season? Share with me in the comments.


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