My Favourite Blog Posts and Articles about Homeschooling

Note: For the sake of simplicity, I use the term homeschooling here loosely, as a substitute for the great variety of non-school-based learning methods that occur when parents make a conscious decision to keep their children out of the school system. These articles aren’t so much about the “how” of homeschooling, but about the why. I hope you find them helpful in your journey.

There is a lot of material out there about homeschooling blogs and articles a-plenty. Some of it amazing, some not so much, some of it offering real a-ha moments and others comforting or crippling, depending on where you’re at on the journey.

Occasionally though, I stumble across an article that I absolutely love, pin, share and read multiple times. These are what I’m sharing with you today, in the hope that even if you don’t love them as much as I do, that you’ll at least find a little gem in there that will improve your journey as a homeschooler, a parent and a person.


  1. Homeschool This
    This is my all-time favourite. It’s real, it’s raw, it’s challenging, yet comforting. It’s a 20 minute read, and if you don’t have the time to read all of these articles, just read this one. I get to the end and just want to go back to the beginning and read it again.“If you want to homeschool, the first thing you must do is throw out your fantasies. Have goals, sure, ideals, maybe  but know that the universe, and the kids, will have different ideas. Your fantasies will be stomped and trashed and you will be forced to start anew  every day.Lean in…”


  1. A Thousand Rivers
    This one comes in a very close second. Actually, probably on par with my first recommendation. Again, it’s long, but well worth the time, especially if you want to start a deeper journey into understanding the way children learn. It is a truly fascinating look at cultures, creatures and kids.“In the modern world, unless you learn to read by age 4, you are no longer free to learn in this way. Now your learning process will be scientifically planned, controlled, monitored and measured by highly trained experts operating according to the best available data. If your learning style doesnt fit this years theory, you will be humiliated, remediated, scrutinized, stigmatized, tested, and ultimately diagnosed and labelled as having a mild defect in your brain.”


  1. School Is Not a Guarantee
    This one is a quick read, simply stated, but thought-provoking. Every parenting decision comes with an element of risk.“Whichever method of education you choose, it’s all a risk. In my opinion though, no one really fails. If by the time you are an adult (whether schooled or unschooled) you find that you don’t know something that you really need to know, you can just learn it. You dont need permission, or a teacher, or a curriculum. You can always learn what is needed, learning has no expiry date.”


  1. Why School?
    This one is a little confronting and most definitely challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. Give it a go if you’re feeling up to some deep thought on the subject of why school. Otherwise, just leave it for another day!“Why 5 years of age?
    Why 5 days a week?
    Why 6 hours a day? …
    Why by age?
    Why all the same subjects for every young child?
    Why worksheets?
    Why homework?”


I would love to read your favourite homeschooling/unschooling/deschooling/lifeschooling/lifelearning/etc articles – please do share with me in the comments (even if it’s your own)!


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