I spent 6 hours in the emergency ward yesterday, with a 6 old who’d managed to slice the top of his ear, requiring 4 stitches.


It was a long wait for a little boy but I tried to explain the concept of triage to him and told him we could be grateful that the injury wasn’t so bad that we couldn’t wait behind other people who needed attention first.


This morning I woke feeling very grateful for a number of things.


Grateful that what he ran into only got the top of his ear and not his eye.

Grateful for a medical system that takes care of the most desperate cases first.

Grateful for good doctors, pleasant nurses, local anaesthetic and bravery awards.

Grateful for our own car to drive – after 4 weeks at the mechanic’s, I had gotten the car back the day before.

Grateful that my little boy is now back home safe and sound, although a little sore.


He’ll probably spend the day on the couch, tucked up with some books and a warm milo. Sounds like a perfect way for everyone to spend the day, actually.

Eva Van Strijp  |  simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.

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