Each year my kids enter stuff in the local show. When I say “stuff”, I mean EVERYTHING.

Lego, plants, painted rocks.
Embroidery, cooking, drawings.
Chooks, collections of leaves and feathers, sewing.

Decorated onions…

And this year, their 9-month-old brother 😅

Every year I say there’ll be a limit to the number of entries I allow and every year I cave and let them enter basically whatever they want and every year we end up hauling over 100 treasures out of our home and down to the local showground to compete with every other kid in town whose mother also caved.

*Insert Hunger Games salute*

Truth be told, it’s one of the least enjoyable things to do as a parent, but every year they win a few prizes and a few bucks and they talk about it for months after.

So it’s worth it in the end.

God bless this mess.

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