Did you hear about this incredible family?

I’ve been following Joey Feek’s journey for a few months now and have been deeply moved and uplifted by the incredible heroism of her and her family during an unimaginably difficult period.

The way this family lived through and shared Joey’s battle was truly inspirational.

Her passing last week got me thinking…

What if I had just a few weeks left to live? A week even?

We all know a week isn’t long enough to fulfil any bucket list items. So what would we do with our time?

I think what we would do is we’d take the time to be with people.

We’d spend every waking moment with those people that we love the most. We’d thank them for what they’ve done for us. Tell them why they have mattered in our life. Encourage them to be brave in following their dreams. Tell them how much we love them. We’d forgive them and ask them to forgive us.

But we don’t know if this is in fact our final week. Even Joey, who had a pretty solid assessment, didn’t know exactly how much time she had.

So why do we put this stuff off, when we don’t know when our time will be up?

Why not start today? Why not start with one person we love deeply and spend time with them? Not on Facebook, not via SnapChat, not texting or through photos shared on Instagram. But in real life. Over a coffee, or a long walk, or a quiet sit in the garden…

I’d love to know who came to mind when you read this blog post. Comment below and let me know who you’d like to chat with like this. And then go make it happen!

Because this is it. Today is all we really have.


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