Rouse the troops and get the family team working together with a chore chart refresh. Free download. #peacefulparenting

First up: don’t fix what’s not broken!

If your current chore chart system is working well, toss this aside and keep going. There’s no need to make more work for yourself and create a fresh system if what you’re already doing is keeping everyone happy and helping.

If though, like me, you are in need of something new to shake up the team spirit and upskill everyone, this is for you.

I hadn’t switched up our chore chart in over 2 years and it was time for some of the younger kids to learn different skills and the older ones to take on a bit more responsibility.

Our kids have always had age appropriate chores and generally do them without complaint, but I noticed that I had begun having to remind them a lot.

I really wanted to eliminate this from my mental load and get the kids thinking and remembering for themselves.

And I want to reward hard work.

One of the things we now implement is a ticket system, where the kids received a ticket for every one of their chores that was completed without a reminder from me.

For example, if they are on emptying the dishwasher after breakfast, it needs to be done by a certain time and without prompting in order to get a ticket.

They collect tickets to exchange for small rewards, or if they have the willpower to save up lots of tickets, the treat is something like a camping trip with Dad or a lunch date with Mum.

Ready to mix things up and inject fresh life into the family chore system?

Here’s everything you need to get started with this system in your home.

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