10 Ways to Nurture Your Babies on a Budget

The best part about money-saving strategies is that many are actually really good for us as well. So while each of these ideas has a tangible cost benefit, they also have a bonus benefit that your family can enjoy.


  1. Utilise your local library. Libraries are a treasure trove for young and old alike. You can borrow books, DVDs, CDs, home education kits, an Internet connection and sometimes toys.

BONUS BENEFIT:Your kids will enjoy “new” toys and books regularly.


  1. Investing in good quality bedding will cost more in the short term but will pay for itself over and over again, outlasting cheaper alternatives.

BONUS BENEFIT:Your gear may even be in good enough shape to pass along to another family when you’re finished with it.


  1. Walk wherever you can, whenever you can.

BONUS BENEFIT:More than just a money-saver, you’ll enjoy a fitter lifestyle.


  1. Do a babysitting swap with another family.

BONUS BENEFIT:Your kids enjoy a play date and you can get to know your friends’ children better.


  1. Barter with other mothers for services. If you have a mother-friend who is a hairdresser, perhaps she could cut your children’s hair in exchange for some fresh baking or babysitting hours.

BONUS BENEFIT:Supports each other in keeping pre-children skills alive!


  1. Before you throw something away, take a second look. Can it be reused? Up-cycled? Put to use in another capacity?

BONUS BENEFIT:Reduces landfill and encourages self-sufficiency.


  1. Spot clean clothes that aren’t dirty enough to be washed.

BONUS BENEFIT:Lowers your laundry load and reduces wear and tear on clothing.


  1. Have a swap party for clothing and toys that your children have grown out of.

BONUS BENEFIT:As with idea 1, your kids will have fresh “new” toys and clothing to enjoy regularly.


  1. Turn all your appliances off at the wall when not in use. And only boil the kettle with as much water as you need, rather than full. If you only need enough for one cuppa, there’s no point boiling 6 cups worth, the other 5 of which will just go cold.

BONUS BENEFIT:Keeps you mindful of electricity usage and helps the kids to remember to switch things off when not in use.


10. Stainless steel is rather an expensive little luxury, but will last YEARS when plastic will break and stain and stink. The outlay is a bit more (just like with your reusable snack bags) but it lasts.

BONUS BENEFIT:Stainless steel won’t break or warp.


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