DIY low-tox stain stick recipe with just 3 ingredients
The best way to maintain your garments is to reduce the likelihood of stains occurring in the first place. Even just using some form of covering or protection such as bibs, serviettes and aprons can help protect clothing while preparing and eating food. Using a coverall for craft and opting for water-based paints will help as well.
When you’re gardening or doing yard work that could lead to irreversible stains, try sticking with the one outfit so it doesn’t matter too much if you add a fresh stain each time.
If your good clothing has been soiled, water and time are the two main ingredients on your side. The sooner you can get the item soaking in lukewarm water, the better the chance of removing the stain.
Sometimes life gets in the way though or perhaps you’re out and about without the opportunity to soak the stained shirt and pop on a fresh one. This stain stick recipe is a powerful low-tox alternative to bleach-based products.
You can make this in a pump bottle, a roller or anything that you have on hand really. I’m using an empty Thieves hand sanitiser bottle as it’s a good size and has a small orifice for quick and easy application.
The recipe is basically 50% Thieves laundry liquid and 50% Thieves household cleaner plus lemon EO. In a 30 mL bottle, I add 10 drops of lemon essential oil so just be sure to adjust the number of drops depending on the capacity of your container.
Gently rub into the affected area and leave for 5-10 minutes before washing as normal.
Full video of making the DIY can be viewed HERE.

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