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It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time to reset your home with products that are safe and effective. If you are concerned about the potential harmful chemicals in products you use in your home and you want to learn more about clean alternatives, then you are in the right place. Many people are becoming more aware of the potential health risks associated with toxic products and I am passionate about teaching them about reducing exposure to these substances and providing them with alternatives they can trust.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Eva and I’ve been on a wellness journey since my first baby arrived 16 years ago. I love finding simple, natural alternatives to conventional products, and saving money in the process.

I am so excited that you’ve stumbled on my little corner of the internet and look forward to helping you learn how to identify harmful ingredients and discover safe alternatives for every room in your home.

Wondering Where to Start?

If the thought of shifting to non toxic products feels overwhelming, don’t worry: I have your back! I want to empower you with knowledge and guide you to safe and effective alternatives that you will love. I’m all about keeping this simple and fun. To start, it’s important to understand what makes a product toxic. Generally these products contain ingredients that are harmful to your health. This is usually through direct contact, such as the skin or by inhaling fumes. Here are some common examples:

Phthalates, which are used in many fragranced products to make scents last longer. These chemicals have been linked to endocrine disruption and other health problems.

Triclosan, which is used in some hand sanitisers and other antimicrobial products. This chemical has been shown to disrupt the endocrine system and may contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Formaldehyde, which is used in some personal care products and cleaning products. This chemical is a known carcinogen and can also cause respiratory irritation.

Fragrance, which is used to scent a product and is a cover-word for hundreds of different chemicals. Fragrance chemicals have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.

For more information on each of these products, CLICK HERE.

Once you know what you’re looking for it’s easy to start swapping out toxic products in your home with safer alternatives. If you’re like me and you don’t have the time to constantly be reading labels wondering which ingredients are really safe, then you need to find a brand you can trust. For me that brand is Young Living.

Ditch & Switch Made Easy

It’s more and more common to see packaging advertising products as “green” or “natural” but sneak unwelcome ingredients into their formulas. A good rule of is that if you see the word “fragrance”, it’s not the best non-toxic swap. This is why I keep it simple by purchasing household products from Young Living. Their “Seed to Seal” commitment ensures quality at every step of production, from sourcing of seeds to bottling of the finished products. This means that all their essential oils are pure, natural and free from any harmful chemicals or contaminants. Plus, you can pair household ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar with Young Living products to create cleaners you’re ready to use around small folk, cute creatures, and your favourite humans. And remember, you don’t have to replace everything at once! Make a plan based on what your budget is to switch things out monthly.

Make Your Kitchen Sparkle

Let’s start in the kitchen. We all know how important it is to keep the surfaces in your kitchen clean. There are two products that were at the top of my list when it came to swapping out toxic products in my kitchen. The first one is perfect if you want the most bang for your buck, and that’s the Thieves Household Cleaner. It is versatile and safe to use on every surface or your kitchen. It’s safe to use at a 15:1 dilution or higher on most non-porous surfaces. Which means one bottle is going to last you a LONG time. In fact, one bottle lasts our family 6 months.

The second one is the Thieves dish soap. When it comes to the things we use to consume food it’s so important that they are free from toxic chemicals. Not only is the Thieves dish soap tough on grease and grime, it’s gentle on hands and is made with natural cleansing agents and premium essential oils.

Level Up Your Laundry

The smell of clean fresh linens is one of my favourite scents. It’s tempting to reach for one of these scented fabric softeners, but unfortunately some of the most harmful ingredients are found in laundry products. Dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener alike include benzyl acetate (linked to pancreatic cancer), benzyl alcohol (an upper respiratory tract irritant), ethanol (linked to central nervous system disorders) and chloroform (a neurotoxin and carcinogen), among others. I have good news for you—you can ditch the chemical-filled dryer sheets for a fresh linen spray that is free of toxins.

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Bathroom Refresh

Let’s talk toiletries. It might be the smallest room in the house, but the products we use there can have a big impact. Whether it’s brushing our teeth or washing our hands, the products we use in the bathroom matter.

Here are 3 swaps that changed the game for me:

Shampoo and Conditioner

Choose sulfate-free Young Living shampoo and conditioner. While sulfates might be good for suds, they’re hard on your hair because they pull out too much moisture.

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste

This toothpaste does it all, whitens teeth, fights plaque, supports healthy gums and removes stains without damaging enamel. Plus, it’s free from harsh ingredients. Also try the alcohol- and fluoride-free Thieves mouthwash; it cleans the hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and gums for a whole-mouth clean.

Lushious Lemon Foaming Hand Soap

The fresh fragrance of lemon is invigorating. The plant-based formula leaves your hands feeling soft and refreshed. This soap is currently at every sink in our home – not just the bathroom.

Make Your Bedroom Peaceful & Calming

Aromatherapy is a mood master. And when it comes to the bedroom I want to create an environment where I can unwind and relax from a busy day. But in an effort to do this without toxic products I ditched the plug-ins, room sprays and candles. Instead I started making my own linen spray and started experimenting with calming diffuser blends.

Grab my download below for beautiful linen spray and mattress refresh blends.

What Next?

If you’ve read this far and are ready to refresh your home this year with non toxic products, you’ll want to grab my home refresh guide.

I’ve had so many people ask for my low-tox cleaning recipes, so I decided to create a free guide with everything I use. I know that life is crazy busy and so are you so my guide is split up into an email a day for 7 days and broken down into different sections of the house so you can tackle one section at a time.
All of the recipes and tips are very easy and quick to make. They are cheap, non-toxic, and safe for little people and pets. Sign up below for my 7 day cleaning guide. The first email should arrive within 10 minutes, so be sure to check your spam folder.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are feeling stuck! I am here to help.

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