Here’s a beautiful little DIY essential oil nail serum that you can make at home is in just a few ingredients.
Like all other aspects of skincare, the key to maintaining healthy nails is a good diet and to drink lots of water, but beyond this, there are some things we can do to improve the health and appearance of our skin from the outside.
Our hands can become quite dry over winter and particularly at the moment, if you’re working out of the home and having to wash and sanitise your hands frequently, your nail area may need some extra TLC so here’s a beautiful little nail serum that you can make at home with just a few ingredients.
For this nail strengthening serum, you’ll need:
– a 5 mL roller (a pump or spray bottle will work too)
– 0.20 mL of Myrrh (I use a dropper for this one as it’s super thick and doesn’t pour easily)
– 5 drops Frankincense
– 5 drops Lemon
Top with carrier oil
Apply to your hands several times a day and rub gently over weak and brittle nails. Also check your calcium, sulfur and Vitamin A intake because deficiencies in those can impact overall health of your nails.
If you don’t have Myrrh oil, you can just make it with Frankincense and Lemon, but Myrrh has been used by the Arabian people for centuries to help with skin conditions such as chapped and cracked skin, so definitely add if you can.
Would love to know if you try this one!

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