10 Ways to Simplify Your Tech World

I’m not going to write a long introduction to this post, because quite frankly, the whole idea is to SIMPLIFY technology, not spend more time on it. So read through the list, pick a task and DO IT!

  1. Create one central point for all device recharging. We use the computer as it keeps phones/tablets off the kitchen bench, charges the devices, but also syncs and updates them at the same time.
  2. Set up direct debit for regular bills so you don’t need to think about them. This works well for bills that are consistently the same amount and have been factored into your budget. Set and forget.
  3. Using the search function in your email account, input the word unsubscribe this will bring up all of the newsletters that you’re subscribed to. Go through and unsubscribe from any that you no longer want to receive.
  4. Use Trello to keep your inbox clear. I use Trello to communicate tasks with my graphic designer and VA and it is oh so good at keeping my inbox free of all the back-and-forth that can be associated with outsourcing.
  5. Use Dropbox to keep your desktop tidy. I use Dropbox for all of my business files and images. Apart from being great at keeping my desktop clear, this is also really handy for outsourcing as I can simply share a link within Trello rather than attaching it to an email.
  6. Deactivate any social media accounts that you don’t use or don’t enjoy using.
  7. Part with outdated or non-working electronic items. Google your area for e-waste drop-off depots.
  8. If you have lots of phone apps, organise them into folders so that they’re easier to locate. For example, I have a folder for work apps (Dropbox, Trello, Xero are here) and another for the kid’s schoolwork apps.
  9. Unlike at least a dozen pages on Facebook.
  10. Go through your bank and PayPal statements and make sure all subscriptions are ones that you actually want and use. Cancel or downgrade where necessary.




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