Why I started a Young Living business
I want to take some time today to speak about the business side of Young Living. It’s something we don’t really see spoken about much, but it’s hugely important to speak about it because I feel not enough people understand what it means to run a Young Living business or the opportunities that can arise through it.
A little about my journey to start… I really love and enjoy business and have started multiple businesses over the past 15 years, both product and service-based and have been doing the Young Living business for almost a year.
The thing that kind of hooked me into giving the Young Living business a go was that it was such a low barrier to entry. You literally just need a premium starter kit and you can do the business. So an investment of under $300 and you have a business!
This was mind-blowing to me because I was used to starting businesses which required tens of thousands of dollars in start-up capital and thousands of products in stock on hand. Or, in their case of my eCourses, hundreds of hours of preparation!
So here I was thinking… ok, I love the products, love the company, happy to share and recommend and I don’t have to fork out insane amounts of money to hold stock or pay for Facebook ads or get professional photography done, or organise brand reps and reviews and test runs… why wouldn’t I give it a go?

I was so in love with the products and what they could do for my family that sharing them and earning a few dollars for the pleasure of it felt like a really natural extension for me.

Since diving deep into the business side of Young Living, I’ve found that the community around supporting business builders is really strong.
As a cloth nappy company owner, we do have a professional industry association that I’m part of and I’ve developed some beautiful friendships with my customers and retailers over the years, but in terms of actually building my business, I am still very much doing that solo.
Young Living is completely different from this. The amount of professional and personal development resources and support that is available to business builders is really next-level. You could enter Young Living without a single bit of business experience and if you love the products, love low-tox living, love helping people create change and are teaching, you can absolutely build your own business.
And it’s all on your own terms – when you are an independent distributor for Young Living, you own your own business. You’re not employed by Young Living or the person who introduced you to the company: you are your own boss. You can go hard when you have extra capacity, or pull back when life gets crazy. You can work from home, on the road, on your commute to another job, as many or as few hours as you want…
Another benefit of building a Young Living business and something which really doesn’t get enough air time, is that the income is willable. The income that you generate through Young Living does’t just stop when you pass away – it can be left as a legacy for your family. There are very few businesses that offer that kind of return!
Particularly in the current economic climate, I feel it’s really important to diversify and have multiple income streams where possible and Young Living really offers that opportunity. Even if you’re earning on one of the lower ranks, an extra $100, $200 or $300 a month is nothing to scoff at.
Why I started a Young Living business

How do I get started?

It’s literally as easy as investing in a premium starter kit, which will be the best few hundred dollars you’ve ever spent, even just from a family wellness perspective. The business opportunity is a beautiful bonus and totally optional.

You ready?

Let’s do it. Grab your premium starter kit here (there are a whole bunch of options to choose from for under $300) and message me so that I can send you a beautiful welcome package. Let me know if you’re keen to look further at the business side of things – no pressure or commitment – just so I can make sure I tailor the welcome package for you.

Which package is for me?

Depending on where you’re at in your low-tox journey, you might be best to grab the oils kit which has 12 oils, a diffuser and some beautiful Thieves and NingXia samples, or if you’ve already got oils or not confident diving in with a full kit fo them, the Thieves kit is for you – you get the diffuser, 5 beautiful oils plus a huge range of Thieves cleaning and personal care products: everything you need to ditch and switch the toxic chemicals and start simplifying.
Check out the full range of kits HERE and don’t hesitate to reach out and chat about what you feel your family needs and which kit might be best for you.

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