You’ve probably seen it. Someone tries to sell you on a business opportunity and they use the phrase:

“You’re on Instagram every day anyway. May as well make money while you scroll!”

🚩🚩🚩Never have I ever heard such a load of rubbish. 🚩🚩🚩

Look, it’d be lovely to have money hit the bank account as I stroll mindlessly around Instaville, but what’s lovely and what’s reality don’t always match up.

I’ve run a variety of businesses over the past 18 years – Airbnbs, online retail, social selling, course creation, a pub…

All of these took varying amounts of darn hard work.*

Earning money while casually scrolling Instagram? Not a thing in any capacity at any time for any business model ever.

Earning that extra $100 / $400 / $1000 a month your family needs while being of service and using Instagram intentionally? 100% possible with the social selling business model.

But it takes hard work, discipline, consistency, passion for the product and the business opportunity, longevity and vision.

You know how money doesn’t just fall from the sky? It won’t just fall into your lap on your daily scroll either.

I LOVE business.

I love my Young Living business and I love supporting others on this journey. If you want to add an income stream in 2024 and you’re keen to keep your family above the wellness line at the same time, this is for you.

Flick me an email and let’s chat. Or if you’re keen to just dive right in and start your business, CLICK HERE.

* NB: Hard work doesn’t mean unenjoyable.

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