Struggling to Find Your Goal Mojo? Read this!

Did you experience a slight panic attack this morning when you looked at the calendar? Or perhaps a bit of “blergh”?Are you 12 days into this beautiful new year and yet to set any goals?

Guess what…


So am I.


Oh that’s not entirely true. I’ve set my goals. I just haven’t done anything about them. But you know what, I’m not worried.

It’s January – a hot and fun month with no school commitments, long days and peaceful evenings – and I just haven’tfelt the urge to go crazy with my goals yet.

So while I have them there all very specific,Ihaven’t gone through the process of tasking them, that is, of writing down every single task that is associated with each goal… literally everything I need to do to reach that goal.

Being pregnant with my sixth baby has made me slow down a lot overthis summer period and while the all-day sickness has finally started to lift a little, I’m still not quite ready totask my goals yet.

I know it will come though. Maybe this weekend. Or next week. Or the week after. I’ll feel ready and I’ll sit down and do it all in one hit.

Is this what you’re like too? You need to wait for the right moment? Or can you just chip away little by little even if your heart isn’t really in it, waiting for someinspiration to hit?


Whatever works for you is the right way to do it.


So if you’re yet to set any goals, or perhaps haven’t given them as much thought as you’d like, don’t stress.


But make a start.


Grab a blank piece of paper and write MY GOALS at the top of it.

Then just leave it somewhere where you’ll see it often. As you think of things you’d like toachieve this year, write them down.

Then you can go through and categorise them in order of importance or in order of how close you are to reaching the goal, or not categorise them at all!

Take each big goal and write it out on a freshpiece of paper. Do the set-and-forget thing again. As you think of tasks that you need to do toachieve the goal, write it down. Once you’ve got a complete list of every task you think you’ll need to complete in order to accomplish the goal, order them in a way that is meaningful to you.

Then chip away at it. Slowly, surely.

One of the things I’ve been doing over the past few years is categorising my goals according to an area of my life, so I have one major goal per category. Categories mightinclude: health and wellbeing, travel, family, business, spiritual, personal development, creative, etc.

There are so many ways to set goals and even more ways toachieve them. The important thing is to get them on to paper and review them often. It’s seriously THE number one way to make sure you’re on track.

So if you’re struggling to find your mojo this year, try the blank piece of paper trick and see if youdon’t start seeing some ideas develop.



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