Productivity for Intentional Business with Kate McCormack

This week’s instalment in our productivity series focuses on the importance of a personalised approach. There’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter productivity fix, and Kate McCormack‘s advice is absolutely spot on.

Productivity for Intentional Business with Kate McCormackKate’s Tip: “When I think about productivity I think this is a very individual thing for people. Like much of my advice I would say it is all about finding the best way for you. It’s ok to look to other people for ideas, systems and thoughts on productivity but ultimately you need to work hard to find your own system. Everyone has their best way of working, at times you may doubt this of yourself but that only means you haven’t found your ideal scenario. Keep searching until you find your own most productive style and things will flow more easily than you could imagine.”

Intentional business is about finding what works for YOU. A business can’t be intentional – that is, on purpose – if it’s a cookie-cutter version of someone else’s. Sure, we can mix and match other people’s ideas and systems to find what works, but to try and copy a “best-productivity-hack-ever-in-the-history of-the-world” will always prove futile.

Futile, because that “best-productivity-hack-ever-in-the-history of-the-world” was designed by someone else, for someone else. Only we can create our own best productivity system.

Personally, I find that this is frequently changing, based on the seasons, the ages and needs of my children, my current projects… based on a dozen different factors. So it’s important to maintain a bit of flexibility here too. What worked to keep us on track last year might not work this year. Be open to switching things up and trying new things.

Do you have your own ideal system for productivity? Or are you still trying to find it?

Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.

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