Productivity with Salena Knight

This week’s productivity tip comes from Salena Knight, the owner of Flower Child, one of our dedicated stockists over at Oz Baby Trends. Selena’s passion for and experience in retail has led her to create a program that helps other retailers create strategies for success. You can find out more about Salena’s retail programs here.

Salena runs two bricks and mortar retails stores in Sydney, so I knew that if I wanted a solid, simple productivity tip, Salena was the person to ask!

Productivity with Salena Knight

Salena’s Tip: “Work out what NEEDS to be done, and what’s just busy-work that you THINK you have to do.”

I really love this idea. So much of our time spent running a business is spent on the busy-work. You know… the emails, the phone calls, the invoice-chasing and social media. Of course, this all needs to be done, but it might not need to be done by YOU. And then there’s stuff that really actually doesn’t need to be done… by anyone! But only you can figure that out for your business.

This week, grab a piece of paper and write down every single task that you complete for your business. Go through the list and tick only the jobs that actually contribute to the growth of your business in a measurable way.

Anything that doesn’t have a tick next to it should be seriously weighed against your goals for your business. For example, if spending time in a number of Facebook business groups doesn’t actually contribute to your business growth, you may need to cut them away. If chasing invoices is a time-theif for you, look at ways to automate this process.

Tell me… what’s one “busy-work” job that you’ll be cutting away this week?

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