Productivity with Kathryn Hocking


eCourse strategist and trainer, Kathryn Hocking, knows exactly how to use her time well. She’s created a phenomenal amount of resources for entrepreneurs over the past few years, and with a productivity tip like this one, it’s not hard to see why!


Productivity with Kathryn HockingKathryn’s Tip: “Productivity is all about focus.


Starting your day or even a 30 minute power session knowing exactly what you need to do, removing distractions such as email and social media and staying the course till you complete your must do task(s) is the recipe to productivity.


If you set 3 must-do tasks a day and follow this method consistently you will be astounded what you achieve.”


Simple, right? Like most productivity hacks, it sounds simple, but can actually be quite a struggle to master. However, like all habits, once mastered it becomes easier, and even a joy. We wonder how on earth we flustered our way through the million things on our to do list before we figured out that we could actually just have a list with THREE things on it!


If possible, try to set your 3 MITs (maximum impact tasks) each evening or early in the morning before you start work. Keep that list front and centre of your workspace and turn off or remove all distractions while you’re working through the list.


Do you follow the 3 MITs method?


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P.S. Kathryn has a fantastic free video series to help you create your first eCourse. Whether it be a training program for your clients or an educational series for your mailing list, Kathryn’s free training can help.


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