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Welcome to the Productivity for Intentional Business series. Today’s tip comes from my first (and still my favourite) business mentor.Karen Gunton of Build a Little Bizis the first person I ever paid for business strategy help… almost five years ago now and after being in business for three years.

I didn’t realise until my work with Karen just how much easier I could have made it for myself! Anyway, hindsight is 20/20 and we won’t revisit all of that today.

Back to productivity…

Karen Gunton - best productivity tipKaren’s Tip: The number one thing that helps me be productive is to remember that “it’s not a tattoo.” Sometimes it’s so hard to just get things done and get things out there because we agonise over making it perfect, we agonise over the “what ifs” (what if it isn’t good enough, what if i’m not good enough to be doing this, what if people don’t like it, etc.) we agonise over every detail. The reality is that we figure stuff out by DOING (not by agonising! ha!) so just do it, and put it out there, and learn from what happens. The stuff you do for your biz is not a tattoo – you can go back and tweak and improve as you go. I am productive because nothing that I put out into the world is perfect – I just do it, and put it out, and see what happens. Make it better later.

This is just such an awesome strategy if you tend to put projects off until you feel like they’re perfect. If we’re truly honest with ourselves, we’ll know that nothing we ever produce is “perfect”. We might feel it’s perfect because we’ve invested everything in it for so long, but everything has room for improvement. Everything.

So, this week, your challenge is to dig up that project that’s actually complete but that you haven’t put out there yet because of it’s imperfections. Tell me about it in the comments!

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