New Year resolutions a struggle? Try this.

Many people set New Year’s resolutions.

Within 2 weeks, something will inevitably crop up that throws a spanner in the works of a daily resolution and this is all most people need to call it quits.

It’s why the second Friday in January is known as Quitter’s Day 😏

If you make it through Quitter’s Day, the end of January will probably finish you off. What with back to school, and Easter now only 6 weeks off, and 31 days without alcohol really starting to gnaw at you, the odds are stacked against you and you may as well have that glass of wine. 🥂

Very few are left standing with their well-intentioned commitments come February.

Why is this? Why do we give up so easily?

Personally I think it’s because we’re too attached to perfection.

If we set a daily goal and miss one day, we find it incredibly difficult to get back on the horse because according to our original goal, we’ve “failed” by missing that one day.

We don’t actually like hard work and we’re not committed enough to the outcome so we let it all slide.

But also I think it’s because we set resolutions for the next 365 days when really we should be setting them for the next 90.

Studies show that our brains adapt and develop habits best over a period of around 90 days. It’s short enough to push through to the end and long enough to see the impact of that commitment. We’ll still get hit with something that will try and stop us after the first couple of weeks, but mentally, it’s easier to get back up if it’s only for 90 days.

This year I’m planning to work in 90 day bursts with 1-2 weeks off in between and I’m so excited to get started!

Tell me: what are some resolutions you’re thinking about setting next year? Would it be best to commit to 90 days instead of 365?

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