If you decide you love a product enough to give network marketing a go, here are 3 things you need to know. #networkmarketing #socialselling

If you decide you love a product enough to give network marketing a go, know this:

Just because someone has fingers doesn’t mean they’ll want your cute nail products. Just because someone washes their hair, doesn’t mean they’ll want your shampoo. Just because someone struggles with stress, doesn’t meant they’ll want to try lavender and NingXia to help combat it.

And that’s ok. Because there are 8 billion people on the planet and some of them will need the solutions your products provide.

Just not everyone

If you decide you love a product enough to give network marketing a go, know this:

Not everyone will understand every decision you make in life and you don’t have to have everyone agree with you. If you’ve done your due diligence into the company itself and you love the business model, that’s all that matters. You don’t need anyone else to like the business model in order to give you approval for sharing about what you love.

Reasons to love the business model: it provides flexibility to a whole community of people who might otherwise struggle to find work and it gives back to the people who love and share the products rather than to traditional marketing or shelf space in large chain stores.

When I first started manufacturing cloth nappies, we approached one of the big baby chain stores here in Australia and they wanted preferential pricing, huge allotments of fresh marketing collateral delivered to them quarterly AND a monthly fee for shelf space We decided not to go ahead, but if we had, we would have had to work all of those costs into the price of our products, as do thousands of other brands the world over.

Coca Cola, for example, spent 5 billion (yes, BILLION) USD on advertising in 2023, and while some of it goes to influencers, most of it goes to traditional advertising avenues – television, billboards, collaborations, print, web and everything in between.

Where does that money come from? It’s certainly not donated by shareholders or the board of directors.

It’s built into the price of the products.

And every other product-based business on the planet has to work marketing and advertising into the price of their products.

For network marketing companies, the bulk of their advertising budget goes into commissions, paying people who use, love and share about the products.

But even knowing all of this, still not everyone will understand or like the business model. But that’s truly ok. It’s not for everyone. You’re allowed to choose to do something that others don’t understand.

If you decide you love a product enough to give network marketing a go, know this:

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but yeah… it’s not a get rich quick scheme, and you’ll have to actually work for the money you do earn.

Maybe it won’t feel like work, because you truly love the products and know that they change lives on the daily. Heck, they changed yours! And maybe you love connecting and sharing and mentoring people to earn an income themselves by sharing the things that they love.

But it’s not laying on the beach with a book while someone massages your feet.

It’s work.

Enjoyable work, but work nonetheless. It’s a legitimate business option, but it can also be a hobby if you choose.

Not everyone wants millionaire status from their network marketing business. Millionaire (and even thousandaire) status comes with an insane amount of work, and for many families with other income streams and commitments, $50, $100, $200 extra income per month is absolutely life changing without the enormous responsibility that comes with a high income and a huge team to look after.

And while making it your sole stream of income can and does work for lots of people, it’s not without risk. If your company goes under (companies go under every single day of the week – what makes yours immune?) or the market takes a turn for the worse, you could find yourself with little to no income overnight.

Much like any other job on the planet really.

So again: it’s not a get rich quick scheme, but if you love and use the products anyway, why not give it a shot? You share about that cafe you love. That favourite hairdresser. That holiday spot. Sharing about what we use and love comes naturally. Getting paid for it is a bonus. And it could be just the extra income your family needs.

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