My Number One Productivity Power Tool: The Power of the List

I’ve always been a list person. I like to know exactly what has to be done and work methodically through each task. I especially enjoy crossing things off the list.

More than ever now, as a mother with 5 children, a home to run, homeschooling to manage and a life to live, I find the humble list is the most powerful tool I have for staying on track in my business.

Once a week, I have our babysitter come to hang out with the kids for 3-4 hours. During this time, I smash out as many big projects as I can so that I don’t have to work as much during the rest of the week.

Before she comes, I make sure I have a clear list of jobs that need to be completed. I even go to the extent of putting a time on each task, based on how long I think it should take.

Before I started to organise my work session like this, I’d just sit down in the office to work and then draw a massive blank. So I’d rearrange the documents on my desktop, or get sucked into Facebook or sift through and clear out my inbox;pretty much just “busy work” that didn’t actually achieve anything substantial for my business (or my headspace!).

So it’s become a real priority for me to get my tasks sorted well ahead of the work session. Right after the babysitter has gone home, I’ll start a new list of tasks for the following week and just add to it as I think of things.

I set my iPhone timer for each task and cross things off as I go. This prevents me from mucking around as I like to beat the timer, plus it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see what I’ve already achieved.

Now it’s over to you

  1. Write a list of the tasks you need to accomplish within a set timeframe.
  2. Set a realistic time for each task.
  3. Set your timer and GO!

Bonus points for closing social media and your inbox!

What is the list your productivity power tool too? Or something else?


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