Just because you can doesn't mean you have to: We really need to be conscious of what we give our time and attention to and how we spend our energy.

I love this advice so much.

Honestly, it could be applied to just about anything but I keep coming back to it when I think about business stuff.

You can learn anything these days. There’s literally a course for that. But just because we can learn it, doesn’t mean we have to. Sometimes it’s best to allow ourselves the time and energy freedom that comes with not knowing how to do it ourselves and outsource it.

I had a recent experience of doing a short course on Google Analytics – just a basic overview from GA itself as it had been a while since I’d used it and needed to get clear on what was new.

The same day, I was bombarded in my social feeds with people trying to sell me courses on advanced GA use and SEO marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing the sellers. I’m more than happy to pay to learn a new skill or to take the time required to do so, but I just don’t need to know this stuff. I really don’t need to go any deeper than the GA overview and while the course marketing was designed to make me feel like my business would grow exponentially once I started using it the way they’d teach me to, it’s just not something I want to spend time or money on. If I ever want to use GA as a serious business tool or up my SEO game, I’ll pay someone to sort it. I don’t need to learn it.

We really need to be conscious of what we give our time and attention to and how we spend our energy. There are experts who are amazing at what they do and we should be happy to support them when we need help.

As small business owners we tend to think there are only two options: learn to do it ourselves or don’t do it at all.

There is a third option: outsourcing.

And while it can be scary to have to fork out for someone else to do something that we could technically learn to do ourselves, the time, energy, headspace and focus that we retain is well worth the investment.

I’d love to know: what’s something that you’ve outsourced in your business or home that’s been a game changer for you?

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