How to Manage a Home and Run a Business without Losing Your Mind

“Mum!! I need help with my Lego!”

“Mummmmmm.. He’s not sharing with me!!!”

“I’m hungryyy!”

“Eva, these emails need your attention.”

“Did you place those orders yesterday?”

Relate much?

Dividing my attention and my time between managing a home with 5 curious, energetic little ones and running a growing business isn’t easy.

The constant juggling act, however, becomes a gently undulating wave of moving from home to business and back once you have a few systems in place and a slight change in your mindset as well.

Here’s how I manage a home and run a busy business without losing my mind:


1. Set Realistic Expectations

Do you often look at others and wonder how they do it all? Or wish that you had the resources that some of the other mums in business have?

If so, stop.

Seriously, just stop.

The truth is you don’t know their stories.

You don’t know what sacrifices they’ve made, challenges they’ve overcome or battles they fight.

All you do know is your own story so set expectations based on that. For me, it is knowing and loving that I’m Mummy to 5 little ones, wife to one adventure-loving man and owner of a business that is growing blessedly (and which I enjoy working in).

I do all that I can, I challenge myself, falter at times and I learn

That reality keeps me grounded.

I’ve learnt to celebrate the successes I see around me and delight in my own triumphs as well.


2. Seek Support

Being a mum, a home manager and a business owner is not easy.

It is hugely satisfying and incredibly liberating but at the same time, it is challenging, frustrating and sometimes overwhelming.

What keeps you going, gives you sanity and allows you to actually enjoy all the little things is getting some support.

Support can take many different shapes.

It can be chatting with another business owner every week over coffee or even Skype.

It can be joining a mastermind community that nurtures and nourishes your spirit.

It can be learning to delegate and outsource business tasks or household chores.

It can be getting a sitter for the kids while the husband and you can enjoy a date night every now and then.

It can be assigning more chores or perhaps even business tasks to older kids who love taking on the responsibility and earning some pocket money.

Support is vital, non-negotiable even.

And it’s easier to find it than you think.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck, feel free to reply in the comments and I’ll be happy to help direct you to useful support systems.


3. Simplify and Streamline

Finally and most importantly, as a mum who manages home and business, it is crucial that you simplify and streamline both life at home and at work.

Do away with the non-essentials.

Focus only on those that add value to your life.

Say “no” to commitments and projects that would only busy up the calendar without bringing happiness to your family.

Streamline your life in simple ways, like automating bill payments, freezer cooking or simply, batch tasking.

Simplify and streamline and you’ll breathe easy and not get singed by the burnout that I, so often, see mums in business face.


Do you have a business that you balance with raising your babies too? Share with me your challenges!

Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.

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