How to Create a Manifesto for Your Home and Your Life

How would you like to have a guide that helps you make the right decisions for your family and your own personal life?

Today I have a tool for you that will help you do just that, both at home and for your own self.

It’s called a manifesto.

And before you think “That’s too woo-woo and not for me”, please read on.

A manifesto is merely a written document of what you value the most, what excites you, fills you with energy and can include the things that are completely off the list for you.

A manifesto helps you to paint a clear, vivid picture of who you really are and what you really want as well as what you don’t want. It helps you get crystal clear on your beliefs and values.

It is a written reminder, a map, a guide.

And don’t we all want one of those, for the home and for ourselves?

Yes we do.

So today, I’ll help you create a manifesto for your home and for your personal life.


For Your Family Manifesto

  1. Start by marking some time out in the calendar. It can be a Sunday afternoon after everyone’s chores are done or an evening after dinner. Mark it out and try to get the family together in one place.
  1. Once everyone’s around the table, ask them to share what they feel is most important to them when they’re at home and what they’d like more of or less of.

You’ll get a lot of answers from “having lots of fun” to “playing games” to “having yummy food” and more. Add your own values and beliefs to the list too. Jot everything down. You can process it later. Right now, it’s simpler to just keep writing things down.

  1. Once you have everything down, put it together so that it reads easily. Here are a few examples to help inspire you:

Family Home Manifesto from Southern Girl Ramblings

Hopeful Home Manifesto from Kelly Rae

“In This Home” Manifesto

  1. Then you can print it out, get it designed or have it made into canvas art, but make sure you put it up someplace where it is seen and remembered every day.


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For Your Personal Manifesto

A personal manifesto is much like a family manifesto. However, it is more individual and specific to you. It is your own compass, your own reflection and self-exploration. It will share what are your personal values and beliefs.

To create your personal manifesto, take out some time during the day or small chunks of time during the week. Sit down when the house is a little quiet or head to a cafe, if you can and then, write.


Here is how you can create a personal manifesto in 3 different ways:

  1. The short-and-sweet approach. Share your values and beliefs in short, snappy sentences.

“Love lots. Laugh often. Hug more.”


  1. The “I believe in” approach. Share what you believe in and state it like that.

“I believe in unconditional love. I believe in the strength of sisterhood. I believe in family.”


  1. The “looking into the future” approach. Think about what you would like to see more of in the future but word it in the present tense. Make that your manifesto to guide your thoughts and actions.

“I am strong. I am creative. I am compassionate.”

Here are some more examples of personal manifestoes, courtesy Pinterest.

Personal Manifesto from Where we Love is Home

Zen Personal Manifesto

Keep it Simple Manifesto

When creating both your home and personal manifestoes, remember to focus on what you’d like to see more of as well as what your strengths are.

Revisit your manifesto regularly, maybe make it an annual project and add or remove items from it. Because life will change. Seasons will come and go. And you may find that what was once essential is now an optional.

Enjoy the process of creating this. It’s not a chore or a bothersome project. Creating a manifesto is an exercise in exploration, reflection and introspection.


Ready to make yours today? Have questions? Ask away!



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