Creating Change that Lasts: How to Make Permanent Habit Changes Happen with Ease

Do you want to create change that lasts?

You aren’t alone.

Maybe you want to spend more time with the kids, read more, exercise regularly, kick sugar, get organised, or streamline your schedule. Yes, the list is endless.

We all have a habit, or a behaviour maybe, that we’d like to change.

And we do try.

We make a change.

We act different for a few days or maybe even a few weeks.

And then we fall back into familiar ways again.

Yes, creating change that lasts can be tough but not impossible.

As we wind down 2015 and start to think about goals and intentions for 2016, I’d like to share some of my tips to make help make lasting change happen with ease.


1. Take Baby Steps

Once you’ve identified what change you need in your life, take teeny-tiny baby steps towards it.

I say, “it” because I hope you aren’t trying to make more than one big life change at a time.

Let’s say, you want to make a change to your fitness routine or rather, lack of it.

Start small. Don’t aim to workout 60-minutes, 6 days a week in the first week itself.

Instead, go for a 10-minute workout session or run.

In fact,Dr. B.J. Fogg of Tiny Habits, recommends going even smaller and starting by just putting on your running shoes for the first 5 days. That’s it. We can all do that.

Once you’re comfortable doing that, taking the first baby step, amp it up a bit.


2. Start Simple

Next, start easy and simple.

You don’t want to run a marathon on your first day.

Aim for the easiest steps first and you’ll find your motivation is way more and so is your success rate with sticking with your baby steps.


3. Have a Concrete Action Plan

Write down your reasons for making the change.

Next, write down what steps you’ll need to make your change last. Does it require asking for support from your spouse? Setting your alarm clock for 45 minutes earlier? Getting a friend to be your accountability buddy?

Identify what will you need to sustain the change and keep you on track.


4. Stumbling is Okay Stopping is Not

The thing is, change can feel uncomfortable. And when we get uncomfortable, we want to stop. It happens with me all the time when I’m working out (or trying to).

However, while you may stumble and miss a day now and then, it is vital that you don’t stop. Pick it up the next day and get back on track.

That is why it is so important to have a plan in place.


5. Reward and Celebrate

Finally, reward, applaud and celebrate yourself for every day you carry out your “changed” habit. Recognise yourself for it. Give yourself credit.

What is the lasting change you’d like to create? Share with me in the comments.


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