A simple way to keep track of ideas

Are you an ideas person? I am. I have so many of them, it can be problematic.

I’m also somewhat of a list person, so I tend to keep an ongoing list of ideas and I use my Notes application in my iPhone for this. I know there are plenty of apps for list-keeping, but I really find Notes to be the simplest, quickest way for me to jot down ideas for later editing, culling or actioning.

Usually, my best ideas come at really inconvenient times, so the Notes app is a place for me to transfer ideas from my brain to reality, to be dealt with later. It also frees up brain space so I don’t have to keep thinking about the idea. It’s as if I’ve transferred the weight of the idea to someone else to keep safe for me, so I can stop thinking about it for now! Ah, peace…

Every couple of weeks, I open my Notes app and go through the list, either culling ideas that I now can’t believe I wrote down, or transferring them into Evernote, where I expand upon the idea and write an action plan for it. But that’s another blog post!

Eva Van Strijp | simple living. peaceful parenting. intentional business.

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