Why We're Still Homeschooling... 12 Years Later

It’s the flexibility.

Flexibility to switch things up.

To do what works best for our family and for each child and change things around as needed.

To not have to work 9-3. Or to work 9-3 if that works best for us in different seasons.

To work Monday – Friday for 10 week stretches… or not.

To not have to work at a desk or around a table if our children work best on the lounge by my side, outside, on the lawn or with a pet in their lap.

To ditch the textbook that’s driving us both crazy.

To choose not to finish that project if our child is bored with it because he’s already mastered the concept.

To say no to book reports if they will turn the books into a chore rather than a delight.

To work evenings or weekends or holidays or in the car.

To start at 8 am. Or 7 am. Or to do the bulk of our book work in the afternoon. Whatever works best for each child.

To choose books, documentaries, audio books, community groups, volunteer opportunities, co-ops, work experience, nature trails, workshops, libraries, museums, galleries, parks and more to supplement this path.

We can be flexible. We can choose. We can fall in love with the journey.

Keen to start homeschooling? Here are 5 things you’ll need.

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