One of my favourite things about homeschooling

One of my favourite things about homeschooling is the slow mornings.

I mean, there are lots and lots and lots of favourites, but not having a mad rush 5 out of 7 days is something I truly cherish. So if the toddler wakes at 5 am, we can ease into the day with stories, games, a slow brekkie and a few chores… and then start bookwork once he’s asleep mid-morning.

If the toddler happens to sleep until 9, we can get through a tonne of bookwork before he comes out to draw on everything

I’m often asked how to manage babies/toddlers when homeschooling older kids. My best tip is to have a crate of things that they can only do during bookwork time. This crate should only come out when the others are doing lessons and be packed away once done so that the novelty doesn’t wear off too quickly.

The crate can have things like duplo, playdough, kinetic sand (if you’re really brave), lacing cards, a specific job list with sticker chart for them to complete each day (can include things like refilling the toilet paper, tidying lounge cushions, putting their clothes away, etc), wooden puzzles, a scavenger hunt list, colouring books and more.

Today was an early start. So brekkie is done, chores are being worked through and my 7 year old is packing up an Etsy order (she sold some of her bird feathers and is beyond stoked). The high schoolers can shut themselves away and start their bookwork and online classes, but for the younger ones who need my support, they will just have free play time until we get the little guy down for a sleep about 9:30 and then we’ll dive into their work.

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