Is homeschooling right for you? 30 minute podcast breaking down lots of questions.

I was so stoked to speak with Rachelle from @howtoliveslow late last year about homeschooling. It’s easily one of my favourite things to talk about and Rachelle has one of the loveliest calm podcast voices you’ll ever hear!

In the episode, we talk about things like:
🌱What a typical day might look like
🌱The benefits and downsides
🌱The personal growth that happens through this lifestyle choice
🌱The practical, admin and paperwork side of home-schooling
🌱Having time to yourself as a home-school parent
🌱Addressing common hesitations, resistance and fears about starting a home-school

If homeschooling has been on your heart recently, I hope that you’ll enjoy this podcast and pull something useful from it.

You can listen on Apple podcasts or via Rachelle’s website:

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